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I have a confession.

Updated: Feb 25

I am a birthday grinch.

I hate birthdays. Mostly mine. I’m not even completely sure why, I just know that I hate this idea that on the day that you happened to be born, however many years ago, everyone is supposed to make a big deal about it. Every year. For the rest of your life. Maybe I’d be all in for an every 5 year kind of deal, who knows... anyways-today’s my birthday, and I woke up this morning determined to have a different outlook on the day.

My apprentice’s model for the day cancelled and my calendar looked clear, so It seemed I had an unexpected, much needed day off. On my birthday! 🥳 I would get up, have some coffee, smoke a bowl and listen to some music while I finish my time sensitive editing... then maybe I would take a drive, eat some pizza, go for a walk, possibly get a mani/pedi and just enjoy a quiet day before seeing my sister and nieces tonight and a nice dinner out with my lovely boyfriend. What a beautiful day it will be.

Well that ain’t how it went down. It’s now 1:00, and I’m determined to turn this day around for the better but first lemme tell you a little story about how I ended up sitting on the living room floor, crying 3 times before noon.

This morning I woke up rested, fed the dog, made some coffee, answered some texts, packed up a bowl and got ready to sit down for an undisturbed hour and half of chill jams and editing.

I just wanted to sit next to my girl June, so I joined her on the comfiest couch in the house, but her rude ass got up and left the room. Cry #1. (anyone else cry because their dog won’t spend time with them? Tell me I’m not the only one)

Once I pulled myself together from that diss, I sat down again (smoked that bowl) and started to get to work. That’s when I got the text that led me down a rabbit hole of ultimately finding out that the photo prints I ordered last week would not be arriving in time for my showing on Saturday. I did some scrambling, round 2 crying and made a new plan. Swerve.

For the 2nd time before noon today, I pulled myself together and sat down to work on my editing. Annnd then it hit me that I should never trust that I have “free time”. I got a text from the salon, looks like the new stylist I just hired has arrived to do paperwork, and not only am I not there, but I haven’t prepared anything (how that didn’t make it onto my calendar I’ll never know) 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ Cry #3 is the kind where I laugh until I cry, because I can’t believe how far left this day has gone.

So here I sit, in the bathroom, looking at my tear swollen eyes in the mirror right before, I wash my fuckin face, put on my warpaint and live up to my potential today. I still have photos that MUST get edited, and now I have to enact a new plan for my prints and I’m completely out of time to do it all. I refuse to let these blunders ruin my entire day and the efforts of the people who care about me but like damn... I need a break. To me, birthdays feel like a whole lotta expectation and hoopla, but the world doesn’t stop and the work doesn’t pause just because “it’s my special day” and the false sense of expectation that I give myself every year that it might just bums me out.

Bah humbug I guess

Off to change my attitude. Stay tuned for part two... I’m gonna turn this around, I just know it

...Part two

Totally got better

I got dolled up and my man took me out to dinner at one of my faaaaavorite Kitsap restaurants- Burrata Bistro in Poulsbo. We ate all the things and laughed and chatted. He and I had such a great night.

The following day is when things took a real turn. The second Thursday of each month is team meeting day for us at Maxwell Salon, and I had lotsa work to do, so I headed into the salon early. Early is not something I’m known for, so my team was pretty surprised to see me. They were setting up a surprise party! 😌🥳 Love them.

By the end of the meeting while we were munchin on party snacks, my prints showed up! How they made it, I’ll never know but I do know that I’m only slightly irritated that I was so pissed about something that didn’t end up being reality and mostly elated that Maxwell’s Art After Hours went off without a hitch without having to resort to plan B 🙌🏻.

I finished out the day by photographing an oiled up fireman's muscles, and then went home to spend the next several hours finishing up that time sensitive editing (I don’t miss deadlines, which on this particular day meant that I worked 20 hours slept for 3.5, then worked another 9.5- my struggle with work/life balance is a topic for another day 🙃)

Truly running on caffeine and dry shampoo in every sense of the phrase. If I’m gonna be a mess, I might as well be a hot one.

I’m still figuring it all out

Until next time