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Can I just speak freely for a minute?

Updated: Jan 8

2017 was a really difficult year, and so far, 2018 has been pretty tough too, but I’m working hard to turn that around. Here’s the thing, 2017 slapped the shit out of me. It was hard, not only emotionally but financially too. I won’t bore you with all the details, but what it essentially boils down to is: battles... with so many people. I made probably the toughest decision of my life- to get divorced from a person that I care deeply about, I had to sever ties with some really toxic employees, I moved 3 times, lost my dogs (then got them back), and I have been getting nothing but a bad time from the salon’s property management company, (I could go on, but it’s depressing and you get the idea) all of this, plus the normal goings on of life pretty much added up to a state of constant stress for me. I love doing hair, I’ll always love doing hair, and I’ll never stop, so long as I’m physically able, but, if I’m being transparent here (and you know I always am 😏), I’ve been essentially working for free for the past year, and it hit me hard, not just financially. Let me fill you in on a little sequence of events here, just for fun: 2016 was full of toxic people who made life incredibly difficult. It didn’t all come to a boiling point until Spring 2017, when I was forced to terminate a person who was not only a significant income producer for the salon, but someone who had previously been (or so I thought) a trusted friend. As you can imagine, this took a toll both emotionally and financially. Things got tough, but I always put my business and my employees first, which means, if I’m not able to take a paycheck, I don’t get paid. This went on for about a year, some other employees decided to jump ship, making it harder to recover, and fast forward to now, things are great and moving toward full recovery for the salon. We have a superstar team of people with great attitudes and talent, but for me, personally, I’m still recovering in so many ways. Recently, I’ve decided to take on a part time position as a server (just part time! Don’t panic, I’m not quitting hair). I know it will be some hateful people’s first instinct to judge me and assume that it’s because I’m not doing well as a stylist. Dead wrong folks. (By the way, if you hate me and you’re still reading this blog, move on with your life already) In reality, I need a change of scenery, I need to go do a job where everything and everyone is not my sole responsibility, and yes, a little extra cash will not hurt my situation, but life isn’t, and never has been about money for me. I could easily take on more days and clients at the salon, but my heart needs a break. I have big dreams and goals personally and professionally, that only money can help me achieve, but continuing as I have been is not what I need right now. I need a reset. I am slowly rebuilding my life, and waiting tables is my roots, it’s where I started, it helped shape me as a person, it taught me valuable lessons about people and life. Since I opened the salon in 2012, my life has primarily been about other people, and it wasn’t good for me. Consistently putting myself last became very damaging. I absolutely love making people feel beautiful, it’s my passion, but I think that I’ve been doing it so long that the appreciation factor has worn off. I rarely get the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve changed someone’s day anymore, because most of my clients have been seeing me for so long that the “wow” factor has worn off I guess, or I’ve lost my sparkle, it’s difficult to tell for sure. I just need to go be appreciated somewhere. I used to be a badass hairstylist, and I know that I still am, but often I just feel like an unappreciated manager, constantly being barraged with all of the little problems that come up in a business. It’s normal stuff, I know that it is, but it’s an endless peppering of questions, complaints and problems and It’s not why I got into this business. I never wanted to be “the enforcer” I simply wanted what I felt was lacking in our area- a beautiful, unique, environment that myself and others like me could thrive and enjoy doing what we love. It’s time to take a baby step back, so that I can see my vision clearly again and continue to move forward with power and intention, utilizing my full potential. In the meantime, if you see me slangin’ pizzas, know that I’m living my best life, and pizza makes me super happy! Stay tuned, in my next post I’d love to share some of the good things that have been happening lately too 😄 Questions, comments, thoughts? I’d love to hear em’... (and know if anyone actually reads this blog 😅)

Until next time, ✌🏻❤️🍕