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It took me long enough but I finally did it!

Last year was a crazy year (buh bye 2017👋🏻)! For 2018- I’m comin in hot!

One of the projects that I’ve been talking about doing since I opened the salon (🙄) is making tutorials that are actually useful for my clients. There’s tons of information out there on the interwebs, a million billion makup and hair tutorials, but I’m here to give you real life stuff that you can actually use!

In the spirit of simplicity, I’m kicking it off with a 5 minute makeup tutorial. Bear with me as I learn how to make these things look and sound cool, and if you like it and want to see more stuff, for gosh sake- let me know! Turns out, a lot of work goes into making these things 😅

So here it is! Enjoy!

5 Minute Makeup